Setup UnoCSS with Laravel (The right way)

UnoCSS is an Instant On-demand Atomic CSS Engine that helps you to reduce the CSS file size by generating only the CSS that you need. UnoCSS also comes with presets which you can use TailwindCSS, Bootstrap, or Bulma in your project easily.

The coolest thing it Attributify preset, what you can write you css classes like:

<div text-rose-500 uppercase bg-blue-200 p-4>
  Hello World

You see, it's not valid html but CSS doesn't care


I'm using pnpm in this tutorial, you can use npm or yarn if you want.

Add postcss integration

pnpm add -D unocss @unocss/postcss

Why I use PostCSS plugin instead of [CLI](], because I don't want o update my package.json file, from

  "scripts": {
    "dev": "vite"

into something like

  "scripts": {
    "dev": "unocss --watch & vite"

And when using CLI, it also generates an uno.css file (and we should add this to .gitignore) and we have to import it into our main app.css file, which is not cool.

Create your postcss config file postcss.config.js:

// postcss.config.js
import UnoCSS from '@unocss/postcss'

export default {
  plugins: [

Create Unocss config file unocss.config.js:

// uno.config.js
import { defineConfig, presetUno, presetAttributify } from 'unocss'

export default defineConfig({
  content: {
     filesystem: [
  presets: [
    // presetAttributify(), // if you like me

If you want to use some custom brand color like primary in your app, you can add it under theme.colors. It will be merged with the default theme.

// uno.config.js
//... other stuff
presets: [...],
theme: {
  colors: {
     'primary': {
        '50': '#fff0f2',
        '100': '#ffdde3',
        '200': '#ffc1cb',
        '300': '#ff95a6',
        '400': '#ff5974',
        '500': '#ff2649',
        '600': '#fc062e',
        '700': '#e90026',
        '800': '#af0521',
        '900': '#900c22',
        '950': '#50000d',
        DEFAULT: '#ff2649'

Finally, update your resources/css/app.css:

/* style.css */
@unocss preflights;
@unocss default;

  Fallback layer. It's always recommended to include.
  Only unused layers will be injected here.

Now you can start you dev server and write UnoCSS

pnpm dev